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(Interaction Design Final Project)

January - May, 2017

ConnectyBike is a solution for all people who own a motorcycle where they can track their bike through their smartphone. Since motorbike stealing is a common problem in Indonesia, especially college students at Telkom University. Most of them had lost their motorbike and they can't find it even though they already called the police or even ask a paranormal friend to find it. With this problem, we did a Design Thinking process (Referencing our lecturer's book) and made a "ConnectyBike" prototype.

Class DI-38-01 | Group 4

Members :

- Arian Nurrifqhi

- Adi Nugroho

- Qhansa Di'Ayu P B 

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Project Background

Based on "Liputan Trans7", the motorcycle population in Indonesia reaches more than 86 million. Also, among students, there are more motorcycle users than cars users. In general, searching for a car is much easier than searching for a motorcycle. Because, the type of car in Indonesia is more varied regarding shape, size, colour, and brand. However, for motorbikes in Indonesia only differ regarding brands and colours. So it is more difficult to find a motorcycle than a car.

There is the worst result in forgetfulness, especially in motorcycle parking locations, namely motorbike theft. In general, burglary of vehicles such as motorbikes often occurs whether or not, and thieves of motorized vehicles are all around us. Usually, theft perpetrators lurk victims who are off guard before taking their property.

CCTV Theft.png

Some CCTV footage from YouTube illustrates how easy it is to steal a motorized vehicle in seconds the perpetrator can carry a target motorcycle. Although sometimes it has been given a safety key, the vehicle keeps changing hands quickly. The theft occurred in almost every area in Indonesia, especially in big cities. Models of vehicles, especially motorcycles targeted by thieves every year are very high.

The high level of motorcycle theft cannot be separated from the growth in the number of vehicles. Some motorcycle manufacturers have equipped motorbikes with double security locks. However, thieves are smarter to break the key. Motorcycle thieves are not using only the "Letter-T" Key but also use chemical liquids. Motorcycle theft often uses chemical liquid. This chemical liquid is considered to facilitate theft. It has become a new mode and has become a tool for crime.

Interviewing Users about "Pencarian Kendaraan Bermotor"

Interviewing Users about "Pencarian Kendaraan Bermotor"

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