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5 Mobile Apps That I Used When Travelling to the Netherlands | Solo Trip to Delft in 2019

First of all, I just wanted to say "Hi!" to all of you who don't know me. My name is Qhansa, and I live in Indonesia (aka. 2 season country). The Netherlands was the first country in Europe that I've visited. Also, it was my first time traveling outside Indonesia by myself! Somehow it's scary but exciting at the same time.

If you wanted to know my journey, kindly watch this video (on YouTube):

Anyway, I wanted to give you a disclaimer that this blog post is only based on my personal experience and my research. So, I would like to apologize if there is any mistake.

These are the 5 mobile apps that I used when I was traveling to the Netherlands:

1. Qatar Airways

Since I booked the flights with Qatar Airways, it's clear that I installed the Qatar Airways app on my phone to do certain things:

  • Check-in(s)

  • Seeing the flight status (is it delayed or something)

  • Track my bag

  • My Trips

  • and many more

This is what the app looks like:


*For your information, this is not a sponsored airline, but I used Qatar Airways because I got the cheapest flight there. However, it depends on when did you book the flight too (aka. Timing Matters).

The most important thing is: Don't you ever miss a flight!

That's why having the flight information on your mobile app is VERY CRUCIAL!

2. Schipol

Schipol is the name of the Amsterdam Airport. I realized that I had no idea where I should go when I arrived there. So, to prepare for the worst, I had to install the "Schipol" app on my mobile phone.

Basically, by installing the Schipol app, we can know:

  • The Flight Departures and Arrivals Time (is it on schedule / delayed?)

  • The Flight Check-in Desk

  • The Flight Gate

  • Detailed map of the Schipol Airport

  • and many more

This is what the app looks like:


Another reason why I installed the Schipol app because I had to find the ticket vending machine to buy the OV Chipkaart (or travel card).

What is OV Chipkaart?

Basically, if we wanted to use public transportation (bus, train, or even the bicycle) in the Netherlands, we need to have a ticket. I prefer to use the OV Chipkaart (or travel card) because:

  • We no longer need to queue for the ticket office

  • We can quickly transfer to another form of public transport without having to purchase a new ticket

  • It is valid for 5 years

  • You'll get a reduced fare for each public transportation (Ex: Full fare = 1.20 EUR, Reduced fare = 0.80 EUR)

To know more about the OV Chipkaart, you can watch these videos:

Amsterdam Public Transit Chip OV Card

How to Buy Anonymous OV Chipkaart (or travel card) in the Netherlands?

Delft was My Destination (to the ISMIR Conference)

Because I had no idea how to go to Delft from the Amsterdam Schipol Airport, that's why this video helped me a lot (Thank you TU Delft):

TU Delft - How to get to Delft

Now, let's go to the next app!

3. 9292

Basically, 9292 is the mobile app version of the But since there's no guarantee that I had an internet connection when I arrived, so it's better to install the mobile version and have the bus/train schedules offline.

This is what the 9292 app looks like:



It's useful and very updated, especially when there's any delayed departure or something, the app can tell you that. So, I recommend you to install the 9292 mobile app version!

4. Google Maps

I think this is obvious if you don't want to be lost in a country that you don't know. I used google maps because in the Netherlands (In my case: Delft), 90% of my trips were done by walking and 10% by public transportation.

Believe me, it made me lose 5 kg after my Solo trip to Delft. Surprisingly, it can save you a lot of money by not using public transportation (renting bikes included).

My Google Maps - Delft

So yes, I used Google Maps A Lot!

5. Google Calendar

I found it helpful when I realized that I had to manage my time and to remind myself to do certain things. For example:

  • Knowing the flight schedules

  • Knowing how much spare time I have before I go to an event (in my case: the ISMIR Conference)

  • Automatically convert your old plans (GMT+7) to the new local time (GMT+2)

  • and many more

My Google Calendar - ISMIR Conference 2019

But again, it depends on you. If you don't like managing time like this, no pressure! Just take your time and enjoy your time in the Netherlands!

Well, I hope this blog post is helpful. If you wanted to get some of the Delft pictures that I took, you could visit this link:

See you next time!


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