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Don't You Ever Limit Yourself (The Engineer's Dilemma)

This blog post is the 9th blog of the Informatics Engineering College Series (aka. this is the last blog for the series) about the beauty of lifelong learning and diversifying our skillset. Believe it or not, although we have an engineering major, it doesn't mean that we can't do anything else other than engineering. Because our degree doesn't define who we are.

If you want to watch me talking about this topic, you can watch the video on my YouTube Channel:

You'd probably think, "what's the relation with the college series?"

I really want to talk about this because, during college, I found out that my friend and I were limiting our capabilities and interests. Since we graduated with a bachelor's degree in informatics engineering, we thought that we could only work in the Information Technology jobs (e.g., programmer, mobile app developer, web developer, etc.)

I want to remind you that:


For example, although you have an Engineering degree, if you love playing music, filmmaking, photography, design, or other non-IT-related fields, PLEASE PURSUE THAT JOB/CAREER/HOBBY! Because LIFE is NOT LINEAR (if you understand what I'm saying).

When I graduated from college, I chose to take another path, which is Business Development. But, I also want to be a mobile app developer. Then, I realized that all of my "non-related" interests/skills couldn't be mixed and matched into one area/job position. So, if you're already working in the industry, you'd probably understand this situation. Because, when we're doing a 9-to-5 job, and you repeat it every day, I can guarantee (80%) that you're starting to lose interest or get bored with the job. I don't say that you must "Resign" from work. However, I encourage you to TRY DIFFERENT THINGS, especially new things.

For example, when you're in school, you really want to be a filmmaker when you grow up. But unfortunately, you need to be "Realistic" enough (e.g., facing your parents' expectation that wanted you to be an engineer). Instead of giving up your childhood dream just because you face reality, please DO IT AS YOUR HOBBY. So, after you have finished your 9-to-5 job, you can start to learn more about filmmaking or create new projects (e.g., music videos, comedy videos, etc.).

All I wanted to say is:

DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF just because you have a bachelor's degree in engineering. So, "JUST DO IT!!!"

Although we need money to survive, don't take that excuse for not reaching your other dreams.

The Pandemic Situation

As you can see, during COVID-19, some people lost their job. This situation is unfortunate for everybody because they need to find new income streams. Of course, they can apply for new jobs at other companies. However, you must wait several months to get the confirmation because the employers need to do the selection process (usually takes 2-3 months).

I'm so fascinated by seeing my friends trying to sell foods, drinks, clothes, and some of them are starting their businesses (e.g., catering, cookies, etc.). What I mean by this, don't ever feel intimidated by facing your friends' questions like:

  • "Hey, you have an engineering degree, but why you're doing photography?"

  • "Hey, why you're selling clothes? What did you do with your law degree?"

I think you need to PRACTICE COVERING YOUR EARS (Mentally) when people asked you that type of question or trying to insult you.

Well, that's all for today! Thank you so much if you have read all of my knowledge-sharing blog posts. Because I hope you can find those blog posts helpful.



See you next time!


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