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How I Survived in College? (Informatics Engineering Student)

Hi Everybody!

First of all, I want to say thank you to Maria, who asked me about Tips and Advice for her about being a Computer Engineering student, through my Instagram in 2019. Without her DM, I wouldn't be able to make this blog (since I was too tired editing the video version a few days ago, HEHE).

So, I'm sorry if it's too short and simple. At least, you can get the points, right?

If you want to watch me chatting around talking about this topic (probably the complete version), you can watch this video on my YouTube Channel:

Okay, let's get into it!

1. Make a List of Your GOALS and STICK IT on Your Bedroom Walls

So you can see it and remember it every day. It helps to Motivate Yourself and tap into your subconscious.

2. Find The Course List for Your Major (From the 1st Semester until 8th Semester)

Because it can help you to prepare in learning the course that you had never heard before. Also, you can see the elective course earlier.

3. Find Your Studying Style Early!

Because every person is different. Some people are more comfortable learning when they read the lesson (visual). Some people can absorb the materials easily when they listen to the lecturer (auditory). Even some people have to do practical things or experiment so they can understand (Kinesthetic). Or sometimes, you are both or all of them. So, find out earlier.

4. Please Attend Every Class

Because, most of the time, what does the teacher teach is different from the textbooks. And also, sometimes, when they have quizzes or upcoming exams, they give tips and tricks for us to excel in the exams.

5. Read or Skimmed Through The Hard Subjects/Courses

Honestly, I had always done this if I found the course that I was taking is so hard, or I barely know about it. It helped me when the lecturer teaches us (even if the lecturer is not a good teacher), I can learn and try to understand the materials.

6. Join At Least 1 Student Activity

It can be joining a sports club, organization, research lab, art club, or others. Why?

First, You Need to Find Your "Distress Mode"

You will have the time when you felt burned out or stressed out with college works. So, you have to refresh your mind and body by doing other activities besides studying.

Second, You Need Networking (aka. Friends Outside your Classmates)

In some cases, friends are essential. It probably wouldn't help you right away, but I know you'll need it someday.

7. Install and Use Google Calendar on Your Phone!

This is actually my biggest tips and tricks in college. Why? Because besides studying and doing homework, I had three official student activities, some extra activities in performing and competition (sometimes). So, Time Management is Also The Key of Success in College (Also Life Maybe hehe).

8. Don't Buy College Books, Borrow It From The Library

I gave these tips because It helped me to save money. I did buy some college books, but I bought it only if I want it so bad and I believe I can use it for long term (Like Artificial Intelligence Book, Data Mining, etc.) So, it depends on your interest.

9. You Have to Do Networking!

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Your Seniors to Share Their Experience about The Particular Class or How to deal with the professors and ask them for tips and tricks to pass the class well. Honestly, these tips helped me so much in college.

10. Last but not least, "Explore and Try New Things"!

Because, when you graduate from college and start working, it's probably more challenging to find the community or friends who have a similar interest. Even more, working is different from studying in college. In college, you have the freedom to explore the thing that you have never tried before, and the best thing about college is "You Can Make Mistakes"! While in the working world, if you made mistakes, the worst thing is you can be fired from the company.

That's all my 10 Tips and Trick to Survive in College!

Keep in mind that these tips and tricks are based on my personal experience. So, you have to adjust to yourself too.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog. I hope it is helpful for you :)


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