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Why Joining an Organization or Community is Important?

Today, I will share my story about Why Joining an Organization or Community is VERY IMPORTANT, especially if you're still in high school or undergraduate degree. Believe me. YOU WILL THANK ME LATER.

If you want to watch me rambling about this topic, you can watch the video on my YouTube Channel:

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The Beginning

Back in the day, when I was in high school, I joined the student council (or "OSIS" in Bahasa Indonesia) as a staff in the sports and martial arts division. And honestly, I was an INTROVERT. I barely knew how to speak in front of many people. But, joining an organization pushed me and forced me to socialize even more. So, in the end, I'm becoming an EXTROVERT.

People thought I was "born" as an extrovert. And if you recognized me when I was in college, people still felt that I am an extrovert. Okay! I wouldn't say that I'm entirely 100% introverted or extroverted; instead, I would say I am an AMBIVERT.

The Transition

When I was in college, I joined different kinds of activities:

  • Sports: Martial Arts (Merpati Putih)

  • Organization: IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

  • Research Lab: Artificial Intelligence

  • Volunteering: TEDxTelkomU


  1. REASON #1: YOU WILL MAKE LOTS OF FRIENDS. It's tough to force yourself to socialize when you don't have anything to show/tell them. Although I was an introvert, I need to force myself to be an extrovert as a student council. Because the student council will be the one who gathers all of the students, right? How can you talk to the students if you can't do public speaking? So, that kind of situation had forced me to be an extrovert until today.

  2. REASON #2: YOU WILL GET NEW INFORMATION EARLIER THAN YOUR CLASSMATES. When I joined an organization, I realized that teachers and lecturers would first inform me about something new — for example, scholarships, events, or other exciting activities. I think that's one of the perks of joining an organization.

  3. REASON #3: YOU WILL GET NEW SKILLS. Sometimes, you will get a job that is not related to your degree. For example, I earned my bachelor's degree in informatics engineering. Still, if you can guess, my work nowadays, I'm not working on something related to informatics engineering. Instead, I'm currently working on public relations, social media, business development, marketing, and other jobs that require good SOFT SKILLS. Surprisingly, I got these soft skills when I was in high school and college while making some events.

As you can tell through my knowledge-sharing videos, my public speaking skill now has tremendously improved. So, I can tell you that joining an organization or community is VERY IMPORTANT if you want to expand your skills and thrive in this world (aka. get out from your comfort zone).

Well, I hope that this blog is helpful for you or at least gives you some insights. If you want me to share more knowledge-sharing content about college/informatics engineering, Don't forget to Like, Comment, and Share this Blog so you can inspire your beloved one too :)

See you around!


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