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iOS App: Jeera (Jelajah Ragunan)

Jeera helps Zoo visitors who want to see animals by providing directions to the nearest road and animal information around visitors. Thus, visitors can have a pleasant experience while exploring Zoo to see as many animals as possible.

Be an explorer and conquer the zoo with Jeera.


Visit the animals by following the directions, and you can choose any animal you want to see and get the best route.


Who loves animal feeding time? Yup, Jeera will notify you. So it won't be missed.


Get to know animals with interesting information.


Ragunan's visitors are mainly schools, families, couples, or groups of friends whose primary motivation is physical and interpersonal. When visiting Ragunan, the two main problems that visitors face are: (1) a confusing navigation & wayfinding system and (2) a lack of information related to ticketing, activity schedules, etc. Visitors use map boards, guides, and brochures or ask the officers for navigation and information. However, many visitors get lost due to its enormous area and the many small streets not covered by the map. From our observations, some of the cages are empty. In addition, one animal can have several detailed boards about that animal, and the information between the boards is inconsistent.

The Schmutzer Primate Center is a special area within Ragunan which is a place for primate conservation. Just like in other Ragunan areas, visitors also face problems with navigation & wayfinding. Inside the Primate Center, only two map boards were found, when you want to enter and when you want to leave. The signposts are also not visible and are only found in a few places. What's interesting about the Primate Center is that there is a story about the Kumbo (gorilla) family brought from England. This story element is attractive for visitors to read. But sadly, this gorilla family was nowhere to be seen in the enclosure, making it hard to relate to the story written on the board.

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