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iOS App: SleepMuse (Sleep with Music)

Have sleep difficulties? SleepMuse provides you with deep breathing exercises accompanied by relaxing music to help lower your heart rate and bring you to a relaxed state, ready to fall asleep. ☁️

Our features include the following:

🧘‍♂️ Breathing exercise with voice instructions

🎼 A range of music options

🛌 Sleep reminder

⏰ Timer to automatically turn off the music

Fall asleep faster with SleepMuse! 💤


The verdict is that sleeping is very important and beneficial for people’s health and well-being. But unfortunately, 20-35% of the population is having problems with it, as even the Covid-19 pandemic worsens the situation by more than 10%. There are several reasons why people, especially adults, have problems with sleeping, such as stress and anxiety, irregular sleep schedule, lifestyle, mental health disorder, medication, jet lag, and even alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine.

We have huge urgency to tackle this issue because we realize so many bad impacts in the long run for people with sleeping issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and even depression. The other question will be what type of sleeping problems we want to focus on. Even though it seems so simple, sleeping problems are complicated. There are too many sleeping problems, such as getting to sleep, staying asleep, having quality sleep, or waking up. Each of them has its causes, including the one needing medical attention. Therefore, they need their solutions to solve these sleeping problems effectively. We decided to focus on finding solutions for people with a sleeping problem that is hard to fall asleep because it is the first step of sleeping and simpler to measure.

Based on our user interviews, we conclude that our user is people who like listening to music, are usually busy and have difficulty sleeping, especially adults, as we found in the general synthesis that adults will most likely have sleeping problems. We choose this kind of user because they are the ones that will benefit from listening to music to help them sleep. They usually spend hours before they can fall asleep because users have a hard time relaxing and often have racing thoughts/overthinking. Therefore, they need triggers to sleep and/or to fall asleep faster. Due to the inability to get to sleep, they usually will not have a good night's rest, takes a very long time to fall asleep, and sometimes it's not even possible. They usually have difficulty managing time to sleep and low energy during the day due to insufficient sleep. They experience pressure daily that leads to anxiety & stress. They woke up tired, have busy schedules and heavy workloads, need to feel distracted from work and personal thoughts, tend to think negative thoughts and overthink when they are about to sleep, spend hours in bed trying to sleep but still unable to fall asleep, and need to do relaxing activities to be able to sleep (such as listening to music, journaling, etc.).

Based on the finding above from the user interview and the expert interview, we can conclude that sleeping problems usually affect some problems. Usually, we can say that the adrenaline hormone will cause the inability to sleep. In this case, the problems themselves can be a stress. Stress itself is an effect of a stimulus. Nevertheless, from every interviewee and our expert, we notice that the inability to sleep is a cause of the inability to relax. We must note that reaching the relaxed state will differ from person to person. Therefore, we decided that our refined challenge will need adjustment as this is not addressed in the challenge. As stress is not the only cause of the inability to fall asleep, the stress and anxiety issues will be a secondary problem to our research, and we will focus more on how to relax in order to fall asleep with our initial context, which is by using music. Music was chosen because this method significantly makes our users fall asleep faster based on the interview and the expert’s opinion.

Therefore, our final refined challenge will be focusing on helping people relax to fall asleep by using music 🎵

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