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Artificial Intelligence?

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Hello People,

Okay, Today I wanted to tell you something…

Since I was in Telkom University, I saw many Laboratory about Technologies. Such as Software Engineering, Database, Hardware, Microwave, and Many More. But, from all of the Labs that were available in there, I prefer to choose Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

I don’t know why, but In my mind, I really want to know and learn about Artificial Intelligence. It’s really fun I think. And I think It’ll be needed in the future to help people.

At First, I don’t know anything about Artificial Intelligence. But then, I search and search about It in Google and Youtube. This is some of about Artificial Intelligence:

Maybe, there are still many of you that afraid Artificial Intelligence could make Human Extinct?? Well, This is the answer:

Do you get It now? I hope so. If you still want to know more about Artificial Intelligence, you could Find them on YouTube, Google, and Many Societies or Organizations about Artificial Intelligence.


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