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Merpati Putih IPB Open 2014

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

On 12th – 15th November 2014, There’s a Merpati Putih Competition. And The Competition Name is “IPB Open 2014”. It’s a national competition and many School and Universities attend and participate.

Our Contingent sent 7 Athletes. They are: – Bayu Rizky (Mas Bayu) – Fight (Male) – Dharmajati (Mas Jati) – Fight (Male) – Dito Hutama (Mas Dito) – Fight (Male) – Hendri Mulyana (Mas Hendri) – Fight (Male) – Nurhafni (Mba Hafni) – Fight (Female) – M. Naufal (Mas Naufal) – Power and Stamina (Male) – Qhansa D. (Me) – Art (Female)

Okay, if you confused why I put “Mas” / “Mba” in front of their nicknames. That’s because in Javanese espescially in Merpati Putih, If we want to call their name, we have to call “Mas” / “Mba” First before calling their name. It’s already been a tradition in Javanese and Merpati Putih.

11th November 2014 We went to IPB at 09.00 pm by car. And we have to pass Bekasi to dropped Mas Bayu to accompanied Mba Hafni after the PORDA Jabar 2014 (Pekan Olahraga Daerah Jawa Barat 2014/West Java Regional Sports Week 2014). So We arrived at the lodging at 03.00 am on 12th November 2014.

12th November 2014 I went to IPB to do the re-registration with Mas Tanjung (Our Manager) and completed the administration. When I do the registration, suddenly I met my old Friend “Kiki” from ILP Cinere. I hadn’t met her since 2012. Because she left from ILP to prepare the National Exam (UN), SBMPTN, and other university entrance tests. At First, I completely forgot and didn’t recognize her at all. But 5 second later, I called her name Immediately! LOL. That’s really embarrassing. She’s one of the IPB’s Merpati Putih Contingent, but the committee of course.Then, I left and sent her text messages.

Suddenly, Mas Naufal and Mas Jati came catching up. We’re totally shocked. Because we didn’t ask them to catch up. Well Then, we decided to go back to the lodging. We waited for the IPB Bus came by, but we had waited for an hour and no bus that came through. We’re totally annoyed by the bus, so we decided to walk. It’s really far though! But, that’s okay. First time ever experience, LOL!

After we arrived at the lodging, we decided to rest and began to train at 04.00 pm. Mas Jati and Mas Dito trained for Fighting, Mas Naufal trained for Power and Stamina, and I trained for Art.

[Merpati Putih IPB Open 2014 Categories] Okay, this time I want to give you an information about these categories:

  • Fight (Tanding)

  • Power and Stamina (Stamina dan Tenaga)

  • Art (Seni)

  • Tremble (Getaran)

1. Fight Maybe all of you already know about “Fight Categories”. So I will just give an extra information. In Merpati Putih, if we wanted to do “Fighting” we have to wear Body Protector and other extra protectors that needed. The opponent of each Fighter was based on their Weight Classes. These are the Classes:

  • Class A : 45 kg – 50 kg

  • Class B : 50 kg – 55 kg

  • Class C : 55 kg – 60 kg

  • Class D : 60 kg – 65 kg

  • Class E : 65 kg – 70 kg

  • And So on (Every Class + 5 kg)

For the University Fight Athlete, They have to pass 1 selection. And That’s “Have to Break 1 Stone”. Amazing isn’t it?

2. Power and Stamina Based on the Category Name “Power” we could guess what kind of competition that will they do. The Athlete had to Break all of the Stones and Dragon pipes in certain ways. The Committee already choose the ways, so the Athlete just following and do the rules.

3. Art In IPB Open 2014, The Art that will be compete was “Jurus Tunggal Baku”. So, the Athletes had to perform a range of moves that already existed from Silat.

4. Tremble In IPB Open 2014, this category was for Students in School. So, the University Athlete couldn’t register. In this category, the Athlete had to pass the barriers and had to get some things and guess what it is. It’s really hard because they had to do It all by eyes closed.

Okay! Back to The Story!

13th November 2014 It’s the IPB Open 2014 Opening, The Fight University Athletes Selections, and also The Fight and The Art Category will be competing.

Actually, there’re so many photos and videos of the Fighting. But it’s not really good quality so I decided not to post it here. So, sorry about that.

Okay, Next is the Art Category. I am still a beginner, so I’m not really good at it yet Hehe.

Because the winner announcement in Art Category was on that night, so I could know immediately. And Unfortunate, y I didn’t win. Because I lost 2 points from my higher opponent. That’s okay, at Least I have the experience!

14th November 2014 Okay, that day I was not playing or doing anything. So I just Watch my friends compete. And that day, I met new friend from Germany. His name is “Patrick”, he’s taking Master degree at one of University in Yogyakarta. And He’s taking Culture Major (I Think).

We talked about many things, such as Pencak Silat, Merpati Putih, Scholarship, University, and many more. It’s really fun. I’m glad I could meet new friends from other countries that day.

15th November 2014 Well, okay this was the last day of the competition and that day was the Closing Ceremony for IPB Open 2014.

And Mba Hafni Got into the Semi Final!! And Mas Naufal will perform at the Power and Stamina Category. For The Photos and Videos, well yeah again there’re too many and I can’t upload it hehe.

But the most amazing thing was…. Me and my friends can have a picture with one of the “Pewaris Merpati Putih” (Merpati Putih Deviser) and that’s “Mas Hemi”.

After this, We watch Mba Hafni win the Fighting (Female) because she got into the Final!! Yeay! It’s really amazing because the supporter from other University was supporting Mba Hafni too! It’s really cool… And Finally, the Result is Merpati Putih Telkom won 1st Winner in Class A Fighting (Female) brought by Mba Hafni!

Then, we waited for the Power and Stamina Announcement. And The result is we brought 2 Medals! - 1st Place Class A Fighting (Female) - 3rd Place Power and Stamina (Male)



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