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Why I Majored in Informatics Engineering (aka. Computer Science)?

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

In this post, I would like to share my deep, truthful story (seriously :P) "Why I chose Informatics Engineering for my Bachelor Degree?"

As usual, if you want to watch me chatting around talking about this topic, you can view this video on my YouTube Channel:

Okay, back to the blog!

If you don't know me, I am an Indonesian Girl who loves sports, music, and arts since I was a little kid. And I had no idea "What is Engineering?"

These are the facts about me:

  1. I'm Not "The Smart Girl" in Schools

  2. I Hate Most of The School's Lesson Except Physical Education (aka. Sport), Music, Art, Math, and Physics.

  3. I Hate Memorizing Classes (Like History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, and etc.)

  4. In Junior High, I was Planning to be an Architect when I have grown up because I Love Drawing, Seeing Buildings, Math, and Physics.

  5. My Parents Didn't Allow Me To Be an Architect, But Suggested Me To Pursue a "Technological" Major

Okay! Those are THE REAL Facts About me. So, probably some of you thought that "I was a Genius" or "I already planned to pursue a Computer Science major for my Bachelor Degree."

But honestly, I didn't plan those stuff well.

Everything turned around while I was in Senior High School when my Dad convinced me "if I majored in Technological Major, I would probably get a job easily." Well, honestly to say "I'm kinda lazy to find a job in a company," so I obey my Dad's advice to pursue Tech Major.

Software vs. Hardware

If you wondered "Why I chose Informatics Engineering?" Well, that's because I prefer to make software than hardware.

Honestly, I didn't choose Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Major because I had no idea about Hardware (Like Circuit Board or Arduino). I only knew about Video Games, Video Editing Software, Adobe Photoshop, Another game, and Games (Yup I was a Gamer :P).

Because I didn't have any other choice back then so I would take software related majors, like Computer Science or Information System.

Why Didn't I Choose Information System?

The fast and straightforward answer is: I was not interested in Management stuff.

So, that's why I'd prefer to take Computer Science / Informatics Engineering major rather than other Tech major.

After all, My Main reason for choosing Informatics Engineering awhile ago was wondering "How I can make a video game?" :D

Although it didn't turn well as I expected, I still love being in this field because of the wide range of concentrations. I can learn about multimedia, artificial intelligence, data mining, internet of things, micro-controller, and many more. Well, I think my Dad was right about being in Tech after all.

Did I Already Know about Programming Before College?

The fast answer is: NO.

I learned about Programming in my 2nd Semester of College. If you know Pascal, well that's the language that I used to learn back then. So, don't you worry, If you had no idea or haven't tried to do any programming before college. Because I know you can do it! :)

If you ever thought that "This is Hard," "I can't code," "What is this thing?", "Why should I learn this?", Or other excuses.

Remember this:

COLLEGE IS NOT CHEAP (aka. EXPENSIVE). Your parent worked so hard for you to go to college and get a degree. Don't you waste their money!

Honestly, that's my motivation when I felt lazy or down or other negative thoughts when I was in college.

The Messages for You

If you're still in Junior or Senior High School, you should be thankful because you still have the chance to EXPLORE YOURSELF.

You don't have to be so good at schools (Like being the top 5 students in class or being the smartest kid in school). Because when in college, you don't have to be excellent in many subjects.

In my experience, I only love math, physics, sports, art, music, and computer. So, I looked for some majors that only need those subjects. Believe me, you'll be happy if you can find and be in the major that you really wanted to.

So, In Summary:

Choose The Major that You Really Want to Do. Don't You Ever Underestimate Yourself for Not Choosing The Major that You Really Like.

A Brief about Technological Major

These are the facts about Tech that helped me to stay motivated (other than the Money for College motivation):

  1. Technology would Conquer The World

  2. Technology will be The Top of The Food Chain

But still, Informatics Engineering major is Intimidating (Based on My Experiences). You should know that (if you're a girl), you'll be the prettiest person in the class because there would be so many guys in your class. In my class, we're only 9 girls from the 40 students. So you should be prepared to blend in with the guys. Believe me, guys are not that bad! :D

Have I Felt "This Major isn't For Me?"


Why? Because I felt "This major is hard." and I think some of my friends have felt that way too. Well, I can tell you that IT IS NOT AN EASY MAJOR. I also got stressed out when I'm in college. But what I did was telling stories or share my thoughts with some of my friends in Artificial Intelligence Laboratory or some of my classmates.

It's totally NORMAL! So don't you worried! :)

If you want me to share My Tips and Tricks to Survive in College (Especially in Informatics Engineering), Don't forget to Like, Comment, and Share this Blog so you can inspire your beloved one too :)

See you guys around!



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