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How to Get Good Grades in College? (+Tips and Trick)

FYI, this is the English Version of my long-time blog post called "Cara Menghitung Indeks Prestasi (IP) + Tips and Trick!" -- which is in Bahasa Indonesia.

As usual, if you want to see me chattering around giving detailed examples, you can watch the video on my YouTube channel:

Okay, let's get back into this!

Understanding The Grade Point Average (GPA)

Usually, the GPA range in (almost) every university is THE SAME (From 0 to 4.0). However, the Grading System can be DIFFERENT for each university or even department. For example, in my university, the Grade Point Equivalent is like this:

  • A = 4

  • AB = 3.5

  • B = 3

  • BC = 2.5

  • C = 2

  • D = 1

  • E = 0

  • T = –

In general, to calculate a GPA, the formula is:

If you are still confused, this is the elaboration of the previous GPA formula:

Do you get it now? Well, I'll give you an example:

We have three students from the same class: Alexander, Betty, and Charlie. They are freshmen, so they take the same eight courses in their first semester (equal to 19 credits). However, after their grades came out, it turned out that they didn't get the same GPA:

  • Alexander's GPA = 3.39

  • Betty's GPA = 3.84

  • Charlie's GPA = 2.82

The question is, "How come?"

Let's See Their Detailed Grades on Each Course:

Alexander's 1st Semester GPA

Betty's 1st Semester GPA

Charlie's 1st Semester GPA

Well, now you can see the difference. We can see from the tables above that they have different grades for each course. For example, on CALCULUS I (4 credits):

  1. Alexander got B (3.0), Betty got A (4.0), and Charlie got C (2.0).

  2. If we multiplied their grades with the credits, their course grade would be 12 (4 credits x 3.0), 16 (4 credits x 4.0), and 8 (4 credits x 2.0), respectively.

  3. And you can see that Betty's grade is higher than Alexander's and Charlie's, which explains why her GPA is more elevated than Alexander's and Charlie's.


Tips and Trick to Get a High GPA!

Now! I'm going to give you my tips and trick to get a High GPA (based on my experience):

  1. Prioritize yourself to get a Maximum Score ("A") in courses with the Highest Credits (aka. 4 credits).

  2. Get a Maximum Score ("A") in courses with the 2nd Highest Credits (aka. 3 credits).

  3. If you want to get a Cumlaude (GPA above 3.5), Don't get any "C" or even below that.

  4. Plan Ahead Your Target Score Before The Semester is Started!! I always do this to manage my brain and body. I always create two scenarios, Plan A: When I'm motivated, and Plan B: When I want to prioritize other things (See the example below).

  5. Try to Do Your Best! Please be an active student, such as asking questions in class, paying attention to lecturers, asking to get insights from seniors, always motivating yourself to understand all courses, and many more.

How I Target My GPA in The Beginning of The Semester

Well, I think this is the end of the blog post today. Keep in mind that all of these are based on my experience. So, if you have other tips and tricks, feel free to use them!

Just Trust The Process and Do The Best!!!

See you in the next blog post :)


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